study 1

Home sweet home.

study 2

Beautiful blues, greys, and coppers on the outskirts of downtown Mystic.

study 3

A collection of incredibly vibrant sea-touched colors in an off season shipyard.

study 4

A proud and patriotic town at every turn.

study 5

The striking colors of sea stained nautical gear.

study 6

Several lovely and peaceful scenes at Abbott’s.

study 7

Fabulous fall colors strewn everywhere, and nature’s way of gathering a drink of water.

study 8

Nautical colors and flare with a sailing spirit near Ford’s Lobsters.

study 9

Nature-made vs man-made; greens, blues, and oranges.

study 10

Stunning winter sunset outside The Steamboat Inn.

study 11

Mystic’s powerful, hulking drawbridge that is somehow as quiet as a whisper; and doesn’t scare the fish away.

study 12

Weathered nostalgia found in a shipyard.

study 13

Soft evening light presiding over dinner at Abbott’s Lobster.

study 14

A fisherman takes a break and waits for his wife to bring out the lobster; boats sitting idle.

study 15

The scenic beauty of Riverview Ave where the pictures are worth more than 1000 words.

study 16

Calm, still, quiet, and cold; winter nighttime outside The Steamboat Inn.

study 17

A nautical town through and through.