nicholas vendemia photogrphy

Vaperture is a unique collection of artistic photography that deals primarily with images of New York City.

I started in photography as a way to restore balance in my life after I lost touch with my artistic side working too many hours for too many years in Manhattan. Photography is “instant art” for me, and it is the only medium that fits into the constraints of my professional life. Since I started wandering New York City with my camera, I’ve been truly astounded at what I didn’t see because I was always too busy… or so I thought.

My goal is to keep the images as pure as possible, and to capture them exactly how I’m seeing and feeling them at the time they are taken. Nearly all of the photos in the Vaperture collection were shot with manual focus lenses, and are displayed straight out of the camera with minimal or no post-processing.

I would be honored to have you follow along with me for the journey of practice and passion in expanding the Vaperture collection, and I hope that each and every one of you finds an image or two that speaks to you along the way.

The aperture is my eye, and I am the V.