the photograph

Zeiss 100mm f2 makro-planar lens

Several months ago, I went to a photography exhibition at The Met. The featured artist was Julia Margaret Cameron, and if you haven’t seen her work yet, I highly recommend that you give yourself the pleasure. The exhibit is open until January 5th, 2014.

Julia’s photography centers around her experimentation with exposure times to create a depth of feeling in her photos that I’ve never experienced before, and her intense passion for her work is palpable in every single piece.

As I was wandering through the hall, I came across this description plaque that not only summed up the entire exhibit, but also my goal to one day capture an image that I feel this way about.

‘The photograph is the embodiment of a prayer.’


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Zeiss 100mm makro planar lens for canon ef mount


Zeiss 100mm f2 Makro Planar manual focus lens EF mount for canon


serene flower photo, canon 85mm f1.2 II lens, background blur, bokeh


zeiss 135mm f2 apo sonnar lens


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