Canon 100mm f2.8 Macro IS USM

Shooting from the hip is such a tough thing to do, and this was one of those very, very lucky photos that I discovered on the camera after the fact.

It’s almost impossible to take pictures of people in New York without them making a little uneasy about having a camera pointed at them, so you either have to be far enough away that they don’t notice, or ‘shoot from the hip’ without actually bringing the camera up to your face. As you can imagine, the keeper rate for hip shots is pretty low, but when they turn out great, they really turn out great.

I love this photo because the only person who knew that he was having his picture taken was the little boy. He was clinging to his father and looking straight into the camera lens. I have no idea how he knew  since the camera was on my hip and I wasn’t even looking at him, but clearly he sensed it and trusted that his father would make it all OK.


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