Since we’re having a very white holiday season this year, I decided to try my hand at cold-weather photography and see what I could come up with. The hardest part of shooting in the winter is the lighting, especially while it’s snowing. Everything is so monochromatic that it’s almost impossible to get an interesting shot with color photos. The sky is grey, the clouds are grey, the ground is grey, and even the light has a grey tone to it. To get around that problem, I decided to play with contrast instead of color, with out-of-focus areas instead of in-focus, and with an old-school nostalgic look instead of a sharp modernistic one. Before I started thinking out-of-the-box with this project, my photos were totally uninteresting. Turning to the idea of using the camera like a brush instead of like an instrument got me a nice winter collection… a snowmage if you will…


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