lava hd

Zeiss 135mm f2 ZE APO SONNAR Lens

I had so many requests to see the overall expansive image behind ‘lava’ that I decided to publish one of my favorites taken with a wider angle Zeiss 35mm f1.4 Distagon Lens. The colors, clarity, and super rare subject matter that only existed for a few minutes make this photo something truly special. I decided to include a reflection off of a window to the right in the composition, and it’s unbelievable how continuous the image of the lava cloud is all the way across from the cloud itself, through the bridge, into the reflection. It’s so continuous that the window and a reflection on the right sometimes goes unnoticed. This photo would render beautifully on a large 30×45 Fuji Pearl print, and is available in limited quantities in a 16:9 aspect ratio for anyone interested in enhancing the “widescreen” look of the photo… consistent with the HD in the title. As always, no post-processing here… this is exactly how it looked the day it was taken.


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