Zeiss 50mm f2 Makro-Planar lens

This is my favorite photo from my black and white teaching experiment I conducted for myself this weekend. There was a very intense ray of sunlight coming through a window to the side of these bulbs which created all the contrast and detail I needed.

I shot this photo in color, RAW, and JPEG monochrome, and I spent hours (literally) converting, adjusting color channels, adding a removing different professional effects, and making minute, but common, post-processing adjustments. And after all that, I went back to the very first photo I shot as a monochrome JPEG straight out of the camera for my favorite. I used a Zeiss 50mm f2 Makro-Planar lens mounted on a Canon 1DX camera. The aperture was set at 2.5 for a beautiful shallow depth of field, and the shutter speed was 1/2500 with EV -1.3.

If you’re interested in reading about my black and white experiment, click here. Otherwise, enjoy the photo and the holiday season!


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