sun flare

Ziess 85mm f1.4 manual focus lens

The gorgeous morning sun flare reflecting into the East River is the obvious subject of this photo, but it’s not my favorite part of the image… the silhouette of the Queens skyline is! I’m also in love with the composition… the oblique cloud at the top left balanced with the railing extending into the image form the bottom right, and the city silhouette surrounded by the sun flare and it’s reflection. One of my favorites in my collection. Taken with a Carl Zeiss 85mm f1.4 manual focus lens at f/2, 1/8000.

The sun flare collection includes two additional images to complement the B&W. One is the ‘warm’ version (shot with a very warm white balance of 7200K) and the second is the ‘cool’ version (shot with a cool white balance of 2800K) Otherwise, the images are identical, and would make a wonderful triptych stretched on canvas or printed and framed.


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