zeiss 35mm f1.4 distagon lens

I saw this man rubbing his feet and watching everyone go by in Central Park early one Sunday morning, and it made me think about how lonely you can be in this city even when there are 10 million other people around.

I love the way the photo draws you into this guy even though he is such a small part of the overall image. The shallow depth of field and the blurred background help create this effect and guide your eye to the true subject of the photo. This image wouldn’t be as interesting if the entire thing was in sharp focus unless the composition was completely different which would have taken away from the ‘lonely’ story that I observed when I walked past this man.

Carl Zeiss 35mm f1.4 lens set an an aperture of 1.6 (I wish I had shot it stopped down a bit… f/2 or f/2.5 would have been perfect). Lens mounted on a Canon 5D Mark III camera. Killer combo for New York street photography, as long as your well-practiced with your manual focusing skills.


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