Zeiss 25mm f2 Distagon manual focus lens

This is one of those cherished instances when a photo turns out so much better than you thought it would, and when it captures an image that’s even more interesting than what you saw with your own eyes. This ominous looking storm cloud sat over Midtown Manhattan without letting go a single drop of rain, and the day was actually a bright one as you can see from the shadow of the 59th Street Bridge being cast into the water. The brightness from the sun behind this cloud actually gives the photo an unusual effect of fading off into white space at the top of the image, and I think this would make for a very interesting display piece in an all-white gallery frame with a white mat. Taken with a Zeiss 25mm f2 manual focus lens that is just a wonderful compromise between the drama of a wide angle view and a minimal amount of distortion that is much more pronounced in most other wide angle lenses. This photo would not have turned out this way with a 21mm or a 35mm… the 25mm was just perfect for this scene.


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