Zeiss 50mm f2 Makro Planar manual focus lens

An ironic and touching image of the Waldo Hutchins Bench overlooking Conservatory Water in Central Park. There are two Latin phrases carved into this curved piece of stone. Alteri Vivas Oportet Si Vis Tibi Vivere, which translates to ‘You should live for another if you would live for yourself.’ And, Ne Diruatur Fuga Temporum, which means ‘Let it not be destroyed by the passage of time.’ I found irony not only in the translations of these phrases as they relate to the unfortunate soul taking an afternoon nap here, but also in his body language as he physically slumps over the end of the word Vivere (life). Taken with a Zeiss 50mm f2 Makro Planar manual focus lens, and processed as an antique digital plate for the nostalgic effect.


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