looking glass

photo taken with a zeiss 25mm f2 lens

I rarely get to take photos during that special time of the day when the light makes almost every photo you take a masterpiece (between 4 and 5pm in the summer), but when I do, I love what comes out of it.

This vine crawling along the concrete wall was interesting enough, but the dark shadow cast across it by a nearby railing took it to a different level for me. Each circle of the shadow frame a completely different perspective of the vine, and draws three or four separate little images in the same photo. It reminds of of photo editors who place their prints on the table and then examine each one with a monocle looking glass to choose the ones they want to use in the magazine.

This was shot with a Zeiss 25mm f2 lens mounted on a Canon 5D Mark III camera in that magic hour of light between 4 and 5pm in August of 2013.


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