sunrise over queens in new york city, canon 35mm f1.4 lens

‘creation’. The third part of the drama by light series.

The rising sun appears to be creating the entire sky like the stroke of a brush across a canvas. I’ve looked at this photo hundreds of times since I took the shot, and it feels the same to me every time I see it, even if I’m just scrolling through my collection.

Ironically, this photo was shot with a lens that I no longer own: a Canon 35mm f1.4. I bought the lens because it has consistently great reviews across the board, and quite a few people described it as a “special” lens, which I am always intrigued by because I  enjoy photography for the art of photography rather than for merely documenting the world around me. The lens didn’t compare in any way, shape, or form to my Zeiss 35mm 1.4 manual focus lens, and using autofocus lenses just doesn’t fit well with me. I feel as though autofocus speeds up the artistic process and turns it into a rush of taking pictures rather than taking real photographs. The extra few seconds that it takes to manually focus allows me to leave everything behind and concentrate on the composition, the light, where the focus lies within the image, and makes me feel like I’m creating something special.

I returned the lens, but this photo is here to stay.


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