central park candid photos, portrait photography with canon 135mm f2 lens

I came across these children having a conversation in Central Park, and couldn’t resist grabbing the shot. It was an adorable scene that came out exactly as I pictured it in my mind’s eye before I put the camera to my actual eye.

My main “people lens” is the Canon 135mm f2. I’m sure all the professional and enthusiast photographers reading this are fuming because I called it a people lens instead of a “portrait lens”, but people is a more accurate term for me than portrait so I’ll stick with it. You can’t take portraits of anyone in New York. Your only option for people photography is to position yourself far enough out of the scene so that you don’t interrupt it, and to use a long enough lens that will let you get a shot that feels like you’re right there with them. Too far away feels very detached and boring. Too close ruins the spontaneity. I also love pulling my subject out of the photo with a wide open aperture, and the Canon 135mm f2 does this beautifully.


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