Zeiss 35mm f1.4 distagon lens

A 30-second exposure of the northern half of Manhattan and the Upper East Side taken at nighttime with a 35mm lens on a tripod with an aperture of f/11. A crisp, classic, view of New York, and the sister image to the Vaperture homepage photo.

Nighttime photography is incredibly challenging, but also incredibly rewarding when you get the shot you’re after. I am developing a love affair with long exposures at night because they combine an ultra sharp, ultra technical look with a fluid, artistic impression that you can’t get without using a long exposure time. Long exposures capture movement… even the subtle movement of water and the sky. The building obviously don’t move, but the East River, the clouds, and the traffic running along the FDR Drive were moving for the entire 30 seconds that the shutter was open.

And from a technical perspective, I don’t think there is a sharper 35mm lens out there. The Zeiss 35mm 1.4 is phenomenal. I’m still trying to grasp that focal length outside of nighttime landscapes, but it is an incredible piece of glass.


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