This is such a fun mini-series of two photos taken at FDR Four Freedoms Park in New York. I was trying for an interesting composition with a large aperture to bring the railing and the stairs out of the image and away from the background, and as I was taking my shots a child walked in and pushed the stroller away. I didn’t even noticed that this had happened at the time because I was so focused on adjusting my composition, but it turned out to make a great matching set!

I shot these with the only autofocus lens I own, the Canon 85mm f1.2, which really lives up to the hype it gets about being a “magical” and incredibly sharp lens. It’s definitely a hard lens to use… there’s no debating that. But if you spend some time with it and learn what it’s strengths and weaknesses are, I’m sure you’ll see that it’s a special lens… Canon’s best in my very humble opinion. The aperture was set to 2.5 with a 1/5000 shutter speed and -1EV since it was a very bright sunny day. Zero post processing. Straight out of the camera.


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