blue ridge

Zeiss 100mm f2 makro planar lens EF mount for Canon

I made my second trip to Asheville, NC last week, and I will most definitely be going back! Great culture, great food, great people, and beautiful scenery like the Blue Ridge Mountains pictured here.

The first time I was in Asheville I didn’t notice just how blue the Blue Ridge Mountains were, and I also didn’t quite understand why they are sometimes called the Smoky Mountains. This photo changed all that. The mountains are a stunning shade of blue in the evening light, and after a storm like the one I drove through on the way into town, they are also mysteriously smoky. Mystery solved. I would love to see this on a 30×45 floating canvas.

This image was taken with a Zeiss 100mm f2 lens set to f/8 handheld around 4pm right after a rainstorm blew through downtown and out over the mountains.


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