never sleeps

Zeiss 15mm wide angle Distagon lens

The city that never sleeps truly never sleeps…

This is an ultra wide angle photo of the east side Manhattan skyline that has come to redefine how I see the city since this vantage point isn’t something that many New Yorkers get to see. I love the reflections the city throws off in all directions, especially the light it throws into the clouds and that the bridge throws into the water.

This was taken in the very late evening so my exposure time was a full 30 seconds, which makes this almost like a mini-time-lapse photo, and if you look closely you can see the motion of the clouds and the traffic along the FDR Drive that occurred during that long exposure time. It’s not a typical photograph that captures a few hundredths of a second in time… this captured a full 30 seconds of all the motion in the city, and surrounding the city, and as you can see it’s certainly not sleeping.


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