four freedoms

Zeiss 21mm f2.8 Distagon photos

Stunning and dramatic B&W photograph of the most southern section of Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island taken on Memorial Day 2014. The militaristic attention to detail in this park is a site to behold, as is the incredible amount of white marble used in the park’s construction. The precise angles and lines are a photographer’s dream, and the scene here is quite peaceful, especially early in the morning before the crowds come out to play. The floating statue of FDR is a fantastic centerpiece for this photograph, but if you walk down this walkway past the statue, you’ll find one of the most impressive views in all of New York at the southernmost tip of Roosevelt Island. Keep reading to take a look at a few other photos that capture this view and complete the Four Freedoms Collection; all photos are available as archival pigment prints for anyone looking to bring a piece of New York into their home.


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FDR four freedoms park photos, black and white new york photos, vaperture photographer nicholas vendemia


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four freedoms stroll

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