Leica M Monochrome with Leica 75mm f2.0 Apo Summicron sharpness

A stunningly crisp and detailed image of one of the first fallen leaves of the season as it sat in the shadows of the early morning sunrise. I don’t often take close up images like this anymore, but I couldn’t resist the effort to capture the light and and liveliness of this leaf– even though it is dead. It seemed to be standing on it’s own two feet enjoying the warm morning sunshine and asking for a photograph. If you have the opportunity to view this image on a 4K or 5K monitor, go for it, you’ll be shocked at the detail that is contained in the image.

Taken with a Leica M Monochrom and a 75mm Apo Summicron lens.

Available as 1 of 50 archival prints by clicking here.


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